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A young girl has just proven to a world of adults who constantly find reasons not to do something about the suffering of others that all it takes is for a single person, no matter how small, to abandon their own apathy and thousands could be helped. That girl is Phoebe, a 5 year old from San Francisco, California, and it started with a question about a homeless man holding a sign asking for food. After hearing the explanation from her parents about how some people go hungry and that sometimes they can resort to food banks for food, Phoebe's reaction was to take action. She asked:  "What can we do to help?"

After pondering for a while Phoebe decided, "I want to raise money for the San Francisco Food Bank to feed hungry people then," she said. Her ambitious goal was to raise $1,000, in two months. Why $1,000? No one knows; Phoebe couldn't even count denominations of money before the project. Phoebe decided to collect cans as a project to complete her mission. Phoebe knew that she could raise money by recycling cans, because her dad would bring her and her sister to trade cans for cash on the weekends. 

5 year old Phoebe
She mentioned her plan to her daycare teacher, Kathleen, who supported her but thought that $1000 was a very big goal for such a young child. Instead of discouraging her like many adults could have done, she thought she could encourage her by helping her write a letter to 150 family, friends, alumni and neighbors.
The letter said:
"Dear Family and Friends... My charity project is to raise lots of money for the S.F. Food Bank. They need money. I am collecting soda cans. Would you please give me your soda cans and bring them to With Care (and the dates and information)... "

Soon cans started coming and as the letter got passed around, donations also started pouring in. Phoebe responded personally to every donation, no matter how large or small. She would skip recess, instead counting money and writing thank-you notes to all who gave. 

Two months later, Phoebe handed over the money and checks she collected to Paul Ash, the Executive Director of the San Francisco Food Bank. Phoebe's grand total: $3,736.30. Enough to feed 17,800 people! Another proof that teachers can come from the most unexpected of places. Even in the shape of a 5 year old girl with a big heart.



0 #2 katelynn 2013-02-28 13:23
so proud of you Pheobe keep up the work! :lol:
0 #1 katelynn 2013-02-28 13:22
great job, so proud of you Pheobe!!! keep doing what your doing!!!!!!

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